The Home Team: Undeclared War

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A combination of Vince Flynn and Richard Marcinko, The Home Team series features a group of former Special Forces operators who have become the most lethal weapon in the war on terror––a war that is now fought on our own soil.

The story of one soldier pushed too far. When a scandal and cover–up within the service ended his career as a Navy SEAL, Ted ‘Grim’ Reaper returned to his home. But when drug dealing terrorists intrude on his early retirement and threaten his family, he bands together with a group of special forces operators to show the dealers the true meaning of retribution. Skilled in all forms of combat, weapons, explosives, special equipment, and tactics, the group of soldiers is unchecked by any government agency, unsupervised by any congressional committee, and fully prepared to do what must be done to win their own private war at any cost.

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