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  • The Moondust Sonatas: Movement No. 1, A Hunters Moon

    By Alan Osi (Author)


    A drug that lets you see God?
    Imagine the possibilities...

    Percival, a young Brooklyn DJ, awakens from a night of debauchery with an epiphany about how to produce a powerful powder he calls "Moondust". Besides delivering the ultimate high, it gives users a glimpse of the divine.

    After months of selling to artists, word spreads, attracting attention beyond the underworld of drug dealers who want in on the growing demand. More than the drug are the answers users crave rocking the centers of power. Facing threats from all sides, Percival decides to go public with its secrets; to do so he must risk freedom and life. 

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“Osi moves the narrative along with staccato dialogue, and urban street color. This keeps the story moving.
Along the way he challenges the reader to confront what would you do if you were able to speak directly with the divine.

A solid first novel. I'll want to pick up the next in the series to see where he takes it.”

- Michael Heaton, Author and Newspaper Columnist

“Osi’s intricate plot will appeal to aficionados of the experimental thriller in his unusual mix of individual stories.
The Moondust Sonatas, by Alan Osi, is a high-concept immersion into the underworld of illegal drugs, portraying an
eccentric cast of characters on the path to addiction and life-altering madness.”

- Julia Ann Charpentier, Foreward Clarion Review

“The concept of moondust is intriguing... to keep readers turning pages, while the story’s New York setting, dense with
insider details about the city’s people and places, shines..... A story that’s as messy and colorful as a drug trip.”

- Kirkus Reviews

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