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Cleveland Writers Press currently has the following Imprints to offer our readers. We will be expanding this shortly to include various how to books.

Hidden World Books

Hidden World Books deliver fresh, cutting edge Science Fiction and Fantasy stories from some of the most innovative writers out there. It’s an entry into worlds and alternate realities that have never existed....or are yet unknown. Stories of places, people, monsters and magic from civilizations yet to come, or forgotten in the shadows of history.

Hidden World Books. Come explore with us!


Praetorian Books

Praetorian Books transport readers to the front lines of military history where the bullets flew and the shells exploded. Slog through the muddy swamps and taste the desert dust in these stories told by the men who were there, held the steel, smelled the smoke and lived to tell about it.

Instructional Works will share the hard-won expertise of international specialists who have been on the cutting edge of armed conflict throughout the world.

Technical histories of weaponry throughout the ages will illustrate what the fighting man has used to wage war throughout history.

Praetorian Books. Not for the faint of heart!

Praetorian Logo

Smoke & Shadow Books

Smoke & Shadow Books present gripping, edgy, suspense-filled mysteries and thrillers that grab the reader by the throat. Feel the tension grow as it stimulates the senses, unleashing fear, uncertainty, surprise, and terror.

Our tales will sweep the reader along as they attempt to track down the truth, find the answer, and avoid approaching danger. Will the crime be solved? Or will the sleuth and the reader be proved wrong.

When the climax finally comes, the reader will be exhausted and relieved, yet hungry for more.

Smoke & Shadow Books. Keep the light on tonight!

Smoke And Shadow Logo

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