Our Submission Guidelines

Qualification: Authors who have completed a manuscript, or who expect to complete a manuscript within 90 days.

Items to be submitted:

  • A letter of introduction containing 200-250 words maximum, please add;
  • A one paragraph description of your proposed Work idea (Synopsis)
  • Genre; Where would your work be found in a book store (Literature, Romance, Sci-Fi, Young Adult Fiction)
  • Word count; We are looking for manuscripts that approach 120,000 words.
  • Buyer Persona or Demographic; Who your intended readers are and the “hook” for catching their interest.
  • What expectations you have for sales and income from your Work.
  • Competition: Please list the titles and ISBN numbers of 3-5 recent works similar to yours with an explanation of how yours will be different and/or better.
  • Prior Work: If you have any, please list your previously published work. If so, please provide reference links to those works, and sales units.
  • A sample chapter of your manuscript (or first 10,000 words)
  • Contact information including email and phone number

Consideration: Publisher will internally review and may retain up to three independent readers to review the Items and comment confidentially to the Publisher on publishing potential within 30 days of the submission by Author. Publisher and each reader shall be required to respect Author’s confidentiality and copyright, whether registered or not. Author will not be required to pay Publisher for this service.

Purpose: To allow the Publisher a brief period of confidential review of a proposed manuscript by the Author to be known as the Work

Result: Within 30 days of above review, the Publisher shall 1) return to the Author all the Items with a note declining any further interest or use, but confidentiality and respect for the copyright shall remain in force, or 2) Request the finished Manuscript of the Work, or 3) Offer the Author a Work Publishing Agreement in its customary form and content without specific details. The Parties may then negotiate the final terms of such Agreement. This offer may not be not subject to any speculation or promise, implicit or explicit as to the outcome of the negotiations. These negotiations shall conclude no later than 30 days after the above offer.

Exclusivity: During the above periods of time for both the review of the Author’s Items and the negotiation of a Work Publishing Agreement, the Author agrees not to submit, either formally or informally, the proposed book to any other publisher or outlet.

Submit to: submissions@clevelandwriterspress.com

Please do not submit a complete manuscript until specifically requested to do so.

To help guide you, we’ve put together a Sample Book Proposal.