Our Mission

Cleveland Writer Press promotes local writers globally

Local Writers Promoted Globally….

If you’re a writer facing the daunting task of publishing and selling your first book, there’s a ray of hope on the horizon! Cleveland Writers Press now promotes the untapped talent of emerging area writers. Our goal is to develop a growing stable of published authors by working with them throughout all stages of the publication process; from concept to finished manuscript, from editing to book design, from publishing to marketing. We’re looking for serious writers willing to bleed over their work, (ok, maybe not bleed…. but you get the idea!) but dedicated to mastering the craft of writing, committed to getting published and selling their books. Currently, the Publishing Industry basically ignores the up-and-coming author. Becoming a ‘published’ author is nearly a Black Art. There has been little interest in developing talented writers for decades. Cleveland Writers Press is a breath of fresh air for writers trying to get published by traditional publishing houses, as well as those who struggle to break through via self-publishing. CWP will also help those seeking support to improve their writing skills. If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of the distinguished fraternity of published authors, we invite you to submit your work to us for consideration. Click here to see our submission guidelines. If we accept your manuscript, we will place you under contract and publish your work within nine months. Our editors, designers and publicists will work closely with you every step of the process to bring your work to life and aggressively sell your finished book to a global audience of readers…all at the expense of CWP.

Publishing my work

Does a career as a Published Author appeal to you?

That’s right…CWP will invest in you as an author and you will get paid royalties for each and every book we sell! If your manuscript is done but you’d rather invest in self-publishing, CWP can help by providing a range of services from editing, book layout, cover design, printing, distribution and marketing. But if you’re still struggling to finish that damn thing, then CWP can help you here too! We invite you to become a member of our Writers Group Academy. Founded in 2007 and featuring almost 700 members, the Writers Group is a perfect forum to seek support and assistance for improving your writing and finishing your manuscript. Starting in late 2015, the CWP Writers Group Academy will begin offering on-line courses and live workshops to assist writers of all levels, genres and experience who are committed to mastering both the skill and the business of writing. The Writers Group meets monthly and is limited to 35 writers so that those attending can get the help they need. To become a member of the Writers Group, click here. We hope to see you there soon!