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A simple concept.....

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Cleveland Writers Press House

A simple concept…..

Cleveland Writers Press grew from seeds started in 2007 as a group devoted to helping writers publish. Instead of working on the usual stuff, such as ‘sTyle’, ‘character development’, ‘plot’, ‘protagonists and antagonists’ we focused on getting a manuscript finished and into the market.

This organic process turned out several dozen independently published works from group members across many genres. Month in and month out, we met and provided encouragement to area writers to push forward with their work.  As the membership grew we began to see there was enough ‘potential’ talent in the group to warrant forming a company, and taking on publishing the works of members who met our standards.

Today we move forward on identifying works we can commercialize from our member body. CWP is the only writer group we know of in the country doing this kind of work. We feel it is important to give writers a ‘shot’ at publishing. Once we got a look at this up close and personal, it became clear we needed to develop writers on several fronts in order for them to be successful. Our members need coaching in developing their approach to publishing once their manuscript is complete. So we added an educational component to teach the craft, and ‘business’ of writing.

Area writers now have a ‘home’ where they can belong, and grow their passion into a paying career as a writer.