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next era of publishing

....enough said

Finish It!

Great works all start the same way, as a thought in some one's head. Everyone has a story to tell, a book in their mind, a bestseller in the drawer. None of it worth a Tinker's damn if it doesn't get finished. Enter Cleveland Writers Press. As publishers we place ourselves at the beginning of the journey a manuscript takes. Each month we provide the area's best venues to welcome writers who share their stories with us. From there we begin the process of helping shape the work and finish their first draft.

Polish IT!

If completing the first draft isn't daunting enough, finding appropriate feedback and direction for their manuscript is very difficult for novice writers. Enter Cleveland Writers Press. Our monthly MeetUP forums provide a variety of sounding boards to test materials on an objective audience who deliver meaningful critique. This is invaluable not just for the writer, but for us as Publishers. We get to see what resonates with our members. From these sessions we identify writers we may wish to publish, provide guidance or a variety of other support efforts.

Publish IT!

Soooooo You want to be a Writer? There are plenty of books written on the subject, a workshop here and there, but pretty much its a litany of W.C. Fields, "Go away kid.... ya bother me." Enter Cleveland Writers Press. Our mission is to develop writers into published authors. So we opened a Business Academy for Writers. Instead of a Dark Art we imbue Writers with the business skills necessary to identify where to shop their manuscripts in order to have the highest possibility of success....including with US!

Yes, there is a method to our madness. Join us, and help support our Authors.

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