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If you’re a writer facing the daunting task of publishing and selling your first book, there’s a ray of hope on the horizon!
Cleveland Writers Press now promotes the untapped talent of emerging area writers. Our goal is to develop a growing stable of published authors by working with them throughout all stages of the publication process; from concept to finished manuscript, from editing to book design, from publishing to marketing. We're looking for serious writers dedicated to mastering the craft of writing and committed to getting published and selling their books.

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Ramadi Declassified by Colonel Anthony E. Deane, USA Retired

A Roadmap to Peace in the Most Dangerous City in Iraq

“…It became clear to me that killing the enemy was not going to accomplish our mission. Killing terrorists was necessary and I must admit extremely gratifying, but it was not always particularly helpful. Frankly, capturing them led to more intelligence, which led to the capture of more of the enemy, whereas killing terrorists was the end of the line.”

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RIGHTS OF USE Project Black Book Part I by Shannon Eichorn

“In the 1960s, Project Blue Book assured America that no aliens visited its amber waves or shining seas.

Thirty years later, Project Black Book knows better and has the flying saucers to prove it, but they still can’t stop the body-possessing Kemtewet from scooping their pick of young women from Earth to host an alien queen. Sarah Anderson yearned for adventure and an escape from her parents and crummy Evans City, PA—but not for this: a choice between having a Kemtewet queen control her or sharing her body with a Gertewet insurgent. Death, essentially, or imprisonment and a chance to make a difference in the galaxy?”

Beth W. Patterson

THE WILD HARMONIC by Beth W. Patterson

New Orleans musician Birch "Buzz" MacKinlay used to think she was the only werewolf in the world. But that was before the mysterious and captivating Rowan welcomed her into his pack, and showed her that shapeshifters -- all kinds of shapeshifters -- were hiding in plain sight. Now Birch is on a crash course by day to learn everything she can about the secret "shifter" world, while gigging as a bass player by night.

But there's a problem with this dream come true: a dark and growing danger threatens the shifters, who are beginning to mysteriously disappear or die. Faced with hecklers, drunks, stalkers, and incompetent bandmates in one life and fang-toothed double agents in the other, Birch doesn't know who to trust -- especially now that she's the target of a powerful enemy. With menace closing in fast, Birch must find a way to save her new pack...or lose everything that matters, including her own life.

Living Spectres A Chesterton Holte Mystery by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

It’s been three months since crime reporter Poppy Thornton was left to die in an abandoned warehouse by her cousin Stacy, chief suspect in a high society murder. Rescued by the quick thinking of Chesterton Holte—her “gentleman haunt”—and Police Inspector J.B. Loring, Poppy is determined to get the real story and see justice done. But Stacy has fled Philadelphia with the widow of the man he is accused of murdering, and now an international manhunt is on for the suspected conspirators. As that search continues, Poppy, Holte, and Loring have a new mystery: the disappearance of GAD Pearce, 18 year-old heir to the Pearce fortune, who has vanished while travelling through Eastern Europe. The suspects range from the young man’s jealous siblings to a mysterious cult of Armenian refugees.

Once again Holte uses his ghostly powers to uncover answers and pass on what he learns to Poppy — who must then alert Loring without revealing her otherworldly source. Is GAD still alive? Can Poppy keep her job despite social convention, the disdain of her male colleagues, and the dangerous attraction she feels to Loring? Will the authorities succeed in tracking Stacy down? What’s really going on behind the closed doors of the politicians and bankers who run the city and the state? And as the search for truth takes Poppy and Holte deeper into a forest of dark secrets and official corruption, who will die next?

marley no lifegaurd on duty

No Lifegaurd on Duty by Craig Marley

The manuscript chronicles the personal memoirs of the author over a period of six decades. It vividly describes deadly encounters, life altering events, high risk escapades and tales of human survival. It is also a tender love story. The reader joins former Navy SEAL, deep sea diver and author on a thrilling, lifelong journey filled with high octane adventures, hair raising confrontations, drama, love, comedy and tragedy. In some cases the victim dies a horrific death. In others, somehow, someway, the subject survives, often against staggering odds. The setting for much of the book is during the Vietnam War and the early days of deep sea diving in the North Sea, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela and Gulf of Mexico.

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An author's job is to write great works. Your focus is and should be all about that book. You don’t have time to worry about the marketing and selling aspect. That’s where Cleveland Writers Press comes in. From the moment your book is written, we take care of everything on the marking end so you can focus on finishing your next great masterpiece.

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